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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need Garb?

No, we have some gold key garb available and we are happy to teach you how to create your own.

Do I need Feastware?

Eventually you will need your own feastware, but we do have some gold key feastware available. Most families in our practicing time period utilized a 2 prong fork, a knife, a platter, a bowl and a drinking vessel. Spoons were not readily used during this time period, for many of the cultures. Aristocrats and some Vikings had spoons.


Whats Common Footwear?

Usually it is a flat shoe out of leather, Romans often wore strappy sandles. Many period looking pieces of footwear can be found at discount stores.


How do I wear my Hair?

Men generally wore their hair long and bobbed or shaggy and short. They often had full beards in winter and usually some type of facial hair all year long. Bald is also an option as Monks and Vikings would do this at times.

Ladies hair varies by culture, but the Vikings are known for plaiting their hair or just wearing it long. Europeans wore it with a head covering, long, plaited, or pinned up in a bun or French twist. Romans classically plaited their hair and then pinned it up, they often wore a headdresses.


What foods were common?

Peasant food Veggies from the garden and chunks of meat in a stew. Arristocrat Roasted meats like fowl, pig or beef, roasted veggies.  They all had some type of dumpling, and bread and butter. They used different flours like Spelt and buckwheat. Things sweetened naturally with honey fruit juices. They did not drink coffee as it was not available but they did drink Tea, Ale, Beer, mead, cizers, cordials, vodkas and gin. Fresh water was an issue so beverages were often stored as low 8% content beverages. Cheese was a huge product for them, and it was often used in meals. Potatoes, Tomatoes, Corn, Beef (they ate Ox) and other American grown fruits and Vegitables.