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Chatelain's Page

It is the job of our Chatelain to welcome everyone new to the group and to the SCA. On this page you will find helpful information and useful links. Our goal is to make it easy and enjoyable for you to get started in this great pastime.

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Almost as important as having fun is the way you interact with all of the other folks having fun around you. It is important to remember that the SCA is set up to reflect everyone as some sort of royalty and everyone should be respected rightly. You must begin by behaving as a lady or a gentleman. A great beginning is studying the principles of medieval courtesy as set forth in THE KNOWN WORLD HANDBOOK, on sale through the SCA. Your basic rules are as follows…

1. Treat your inferiors in rank, knowledge, or experience in the Society as if they were your equals; treat your equals as if they were your superiors; treat officers as representatives of the King; and treat the King and Queen with the reverence due your sovereigns.

2. Use medieval forms of address (Your Highness, Baron, Baroness, Sire, etc…)

3. Be faithful to your lord and your word.

4. Gentlemen, honor all ladies.

5. Ladies, remain worthy of all honor.

6. Touch no man’s goods unasked; give and receive with grace.

7. Be gentle to the stranger.

8. Raise your sword, but not your voice.

9. Let the slain man tell if he be slain.

10. Reverence the King and Queen.

Elaborations of all of these are available in the handbook and it is good to read



What NOT to wear!
Not everything is acceptable to wear for everyone. For the most part... Acceptable garb should be anything from the time period of 600 - 1600 from all around the world, but there are some exceptions. Certain Royals and titles have specific colors and pieces of clothing that symbolize their rank and therefore should not be worn by just anyone.


Viking Persona

So you want to be a Viking!

Helpful Websites...